Aquanimous Fascia Massage Balls

The Aquanimous line of cork massage balls an environmentally friendly alternative to foam, plastic and rubber massage products.  All cork balls are firm and comparable in use to lacrosse balls.

Easy to Use

Self Myofascial Release (also referred as trigger point therapy) releases knots in muscle and hydrate the fascial tissue. Use regularly to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress while increasing recovery, flexibility, and strength. Benefits can be seen immediately. Use every day for maximum benefit..

Ultra-Light, Perfect for Travel

Cork massage balls are 4x lighter than comparable rubber balls and equally firm. They can be used anywhere! Massage yourself at home, the gym, the yoga studio, outside at the park, or at the pool. The perfect size and weight for traveling. The full set weighs under 7 ounces!

Eco-Friendly Materials and Packaging

All massage balls are 100% naturally sourced cork. Cork is harvested without harming the source cork oak trees, which live for up to hundreds of years.

The set of massage balls comes packaged in an elegant 100% cotton bag.

Included Quick Start Guide

Included starter guide with 12 poses to target specific areas.  More instructional content available on and our facebook and instagram pages (@aquanimous)

Customer Reviews

“My body craves the balls! I use them daily and have seen vast improvement in my chronic muscular tension. They are amazing for slow and deep self-massage work….” – Hannah R.
“I suffered from plantar fasciitis. So I need the small and the large ball to roll out my feet. The smaller size relieves tension in places the larger one cannot reach. My favorite is the peanut shaped one! If you place it between your shoulder blades and come into a bridge pose and pressure relieves hard to reach shoulder tension.” – Gwynne Davis
“By far my favorite self massage tools. These are great to use on musculature of mid/upper back and shoulders, pecs, and for some myofascial release. ..” -Vladimir Herrera