GLIDE Fascia Release Workshops

Discover the new you that waits underneath the habitual tension. Soft hydrated fascia helps prevent injuries, speed up recovery, and increase flexibility. Learn, share and practice simple and effective self-myofascial release techniques to unwind tension and release deep trigger points. Workshop includes a guided meditation, gentle and dynamic movement, guided self massage and time for reflection and sharing.  No experience needed, just bring yourself and a mat.  Aquanimous massage balls and rollers are provided for use, with option to purchase for home practice. 

Glide workshops are 2-3 hours and offer in-depth fascia release guidance and techniques, good for beginners and advanced alike.  We currently have teachers that can serve in the following markets:  Washington DC, Richmond VA, and Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

Aquanimous Glide Fascia Release at One Wellness in Richmond, VA – November 2019

Aquanimous Glide Fascia Release at Yoga District in Bloomingdale, Washington DC – November 2019

Aquanimous Glide Fascia Release at Beauty in the Back Yard, A sustainable art and music festival in Maryland, October 2019

Backyard Edition Tea Party Edition of Glide Fascia Release. September 2019 Mt. Pleasant, Washington, DC