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Cultivating a Daily Self-Care Routine


Is your schedule super stretched out? Do you not have enough time to actually have a self-care routine? Do you keep canceling your self-care activities to meet work or family needs?

Most people do not prioritize self-care or have a non-negotiable regular self-care routine.  This makes them more prone to cancel self-care activities to make room for their other “priorities”.  And so, many modern people will go through life on autopilot until a crisis or breakdown for them to realize how stressful their life is, that is if they’re one of the lucky ones.  And even less will choose to do something about it.

Tips for Maintaining a Self-Care Practice

  1. Take the time out for yourself every single day, pick a consistent time that works for you, like the morning.  Your willpower is at its highest in the morning, therefore we recommend that you spend it on yourself first, before spending it on work, family and other commitments. Paying yourself first means that you will have more, much more to give to others.
  2. Tell a friend, one that will be supportive and not threatened by your motivation. This will help you focus and make the routine more efficient and effective. Use affirmative language, this will boost the chances that you will stick to your routine.
  3. Be gentle and kind with yourself if you miss a day or a having a hard time getting started.  Start small, maybe 5 minutes a day and build up.
  4. Practice. Practice. Practice.