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What is Self-Care and Why do I Care?

All you need to know about self-care

Nowadays self-care is a very important topic that is becoming more popular. It is talked about in talk shows, magazines, and no longer just in self-help books, but what exactly is it about? You might have heard about the term ‘self-care’, but have no idea what it involves or how to incorporate it into your lifestyle. There are numerous self-care routines that you could choose from. Not all of them may necessarily apply or appeal to you, but some will lubricate your lifestyle so much you will wonder how you survived without it. This guide will help you understand what self-care involves and how exactly to structure your lifestyle to incorporate it.

What is self-care?

Self-care is a broad term that captures all the activities that you could do to feel better about yourself. Above all, it involves showing kindness and love to yourself. Self-care is being compassionate to yourself, claiming your worthiness, nourishing and nurturing yourself. It involves knowing when you are about to stretch yourself thin, and stepping back to allow your soul to feel whole again before you can go about your daily routine. This aids in preventing burnouts that could trigger anxiety and depression. Self-care has numerous long term benefits for all aspects of a person’s life.

Not everything that makes you feel good is self-care. We are taught to love ourselves but we are not shown how to love. Because of this is because some people indulge in alcohol, drugs, over-eating, binge TV watching and other addictive behaviors in the name of self-care. Please try not to do this. These are unhealthy coping mechanisms and forms of avoidance that take you further from yourself and will eventually worsen the situation. Sometimes self-care may mean sitting with the uncomfortable feelings and giving yourself the time and space to heal.

Types of self-care

For a person to know which activities will work best for their self-care routine, they have to know the various types of self-care.

They include –

Sensory – This involves calming the mind and making the present world tolerable and easier to cope with. Activities that fall here will help you to let go of resentment and live in the present. The following are some of the sensory self-care activities you could indulge in:

  1. Holding or cuddling a pet
  2. Receiving an essential oil body massage
  3. Walking barefoot in nature
  4. Enjoying the afternoon sun
  5. Listening to music with your eyes closed
  6. Focusing on the body movements as you breathe
  7. Massage different areas of your body and observe the sensations
  8. Taking your time when bathing or showering to feel the water move on your body
  9. Watching the flames of a fire
  10. Focusing on the smell of the air in the countryside

Emotional – This involves fully engaging with your emotions and facing them head-on. This will help you relive the stress. Refrain from drowning your difficult emotions like anger and sadness. The following are some of the emotional self-care activities you could indulge in:

  1. Sing along to songs that help you express your current emotions
  2. Encourage laughter by watching funny past videos or funny videos
  3. Cry when you feel like it
  4. Make time for your family members and friends who understand whatever you are going through
  5. Write a list of words that explain feelings. This will help in your communication and expand your emotional vocabulary
  6. Visit a therapist and seek help. It could even be to promote the general development of your life
  7. Get a journal and take 5 minutes a day to write your feelings. This will help improve your emotional honesty

Physical – The following are some of the physical self-care activities you could indulge in:

  1. Stretch your body with yoga
  2. Go for a walk and meditate as you do this
  3. Cycle and be one with the serene environment of the countryside
  4. Run with a friend or a pet
  5. Learn a sport or join a training class
  6. Dance to your favorite playlist and let loose
  7. Subscribe to a diet and create a goal plan
  8. Relieve muscular pain and tension with self massage