Fascia Massage Balls

The cork massage balls set is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and rubber massage balls, also known as lacrosse balls.  The cork balls are comparable in firmness and function but lighter weight, all natural and eco-friendly.  A full set includes (1) 2.5″ yoga ball, (1) 1.5″ laser ball, and (1) 6″ peanut ball.

100% Cork Massage Roller

Say goodbye to foam and hello to this trusty travel sized 100% cork massage roller. The roller feel is comparable to an extra firm or density foam roller, and all natural and eco-friendly.  All natrural relief for tension and stiffness by muscle rolling.  Try it for it’s therapeutic benefits, and love it  because it feels great,. Aquanimous Cork Massage Roller delivers a deep tissue massaging effect, at your own pace. The Portugese cork is grippy but won’t stick to your clothing.

Handmade Massage Rollers

The Rope Roller is an environmentally friendly alternative to foam rollers. The roller is  constructed of natural and sustainably grown bamboo and cotton.  The cotton rope is  pleasant on the skin and the bamboo maintains a high stiffness for a deep muscle and  fascial release.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our products comes with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.  You may return or replace the product for any reason.  Customer pays for only the shipping and handling charges, however we will cover shipping in case of manufacturer defects.