12″ Cork No-Foam Roller


  • RELIEVE TENSION & STIFFNESS NATURALLY by muscle rolling for it’s therapeutic benefits or just because it feels great, Aquanimous Cork Massage Roller delivers a deep tissue massaging effect. The Portugese cork is grippy but won’t stick to your clothing.
  • Light and Durable: 12 inches and only 1.5 pounds, designed to fit in your gym bag and your carry-on. Use It anywhere!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY alternative to those styrofoam rollers. Cork is harvested from bark without harming trees and easily recyclable
  • Self Myofascial Release releases knots in muscles and hydrates the fascia to REDUCE PAIN AND STRESS and when paired with movement INCREASES STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY
  • 60 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We’ve got your back!

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12 Inch Natural Eco-Friendly NO Foam Roller

Say goodbye to foam and hello to this trusty travel sized 100% cork massage roller. The roller feel is comparable to an extra firm or density foam roller, and all natural and eco-friendly.

Starter Guide with 9 poses included, and then you are equipped to come up with your own

The Perfect Travel Companion

12 inch long and 4″ Diameter, just over 1.5 pounds, designed to fit in your gym bag and your carry-on. Now you don’t have to ignore your self care while you’re on the go.

Easy to Use

Use before or after exercise to speed up recovery, or on on its own to unwind stiffness and rejuvenate your soft tissue. Cork massage roller is FIRM, use gentle pressure and move slowly.

Roll for massage benefits or stay in one place for up to 2 minutes for fascia therapy. Accompany with gentle movements for active release or yoga therapeutics. Benefits can be seen immediately, but use every day for maximum benefit.

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An environmentally friendly alternative to yucky plastic and heavy rubber massage balls. Cork is similar in firmness and function yet lighter weight, all natural and eco-friendly.


Occasionally clean with gentle soap and water and refresh in the sun.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All our products come with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.  We’ve got your back!

Heal Your Self, Heal The Planet

From “Aqua” and “Equanimity”, Aquanimous is the next wave of wellness, bringing eco-friendly and sustainable wellness products without sacrificing quality and function. So you can take care of yourself and while taking care of mother nature. Based in DC.

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